There’s Something About You – Text

It started in November
This thing I got for you
I saw you chillin with your homies
And I just had to get with you
I had a premonition
And it involved you & me
Sittin‘ togetha
And we looked so happy
I started wishin‘
And wonderin‘
If the feelings I had
Would one day make me happy or sad

There’s something about you
That really turns me on
I got a thing for ya
And I don’t know what’s goin on

Everytime I’m around you
My mind goes blank
I don’t know what is causing this
Or I have God to thank
But I’m getting these vibes from you
That are saying that you want me
Just make time for love
Cause we’ve got to be

Bridge- Baby boy
You’ve got to
Be my toy
I dream about
You all the time
Can’t seem to get you
Off my mind

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